26 de maio em Aveiro, no Salão Nobre dos Galitos!


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Images of the artistic residency in Azaruja, Alentejo, Portugal, from the 28th of September to the 8th of October. About the creation of a performance based on music and dance from Portugal, Cyprus, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Romania. Musicians and dancers from the 5 countries combined their respective music and dance to create a contemporary performance with an interesting perspective and approach. The event falls under the European Commission’s “CULTURE” program.


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OCARINA is a cultural project financed the 2011 European Cultural Program.

The Project is promoted by the Oficina da Courela in partnership with: 360 Graus, Cultura e Ambiente Lda. (Portugal);  The Mosaic Art and Sound, Ltd (United Kingdom), Viksjöforsbaletten (Suede), Art and Heritage Unesco Club (Romania) e Politistiko Ergastiri Ayion Omoloyiton (Cyprus).

The main objectives are the promotion of tradicional instruments as part of the cultural unheritage, looking for new oportunities of insertion of those into the contemporain cultural reality;  the promotion of international mobility of cultural promotors /artists/ cultural products and of course the promotion of inter-cultural dialogue.

Workshop |29 de Março 2012
Fui convidada para leccionar um workshop intensivo na Academia Breyner – Porto – no âmbito do curso anual de danças do Mundo com Rute Mar… e assim foi. Obrigada Rute pelo convite! Parabéns a todos os bailadores…

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